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Love Is All That I Need
If I could wish upon a star,I would wish to be with you forever

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ♥

Just a short update here,uhmm today is the special day plus it's Syaaban ofcourse :) I said today is the special day cos one of our PJN's teacher had chosen Islam as his religion,ALHAMDULILLAH~ he's Sir Jimmy & his islam's name that his mother has chose was 'Adam Hakimi' :D raget nama aa,hahahaha~ we celebrated his Islamization this morning at 10.30 till 11.30,I think ;D There was poetry that have been read by two girls form year9O & Jool from form 5,There was also 'Dikir',we recited it together with the form 5 students to brighten the atmosphere of the hall :D

I guess that's all I wanted to tell ya
,Have a nice dream ;)


@ 6:33 AM

Sunday, July 25, 2010 ♥

Today was TOTALLY FUN! we enjoyed our day today playing 'Nerf Game' at Pandan 8,playground :D kami yg official(AJK) sibuk dgn kerja masing2,memerhatikan gerakgeri tiap2 pemain lps tu PIKNIK then main lagi hahaha,sambil2 durg main kmi AJK lepak arah see-saw n joking2 :D yang penting SIUKLAH! HAHA & my cousin's GF,Raihan (sir ajie's niece) mental berabiiiiss tdi tu arah musuh durg,I mean in the 'Nerf Game' yg ya marah tu arah kawanku == yang penting kesian lah dua2 team atu & before I continue my story,tym aku bru dtg tdi i was shocked that cousinku c aziz & his friend,Rizqan was there too with Raihan,apa nda ku happy tadi HAHAHA aku happy psl ada Raihan & Aziz,kalau c Rizqan tu nda plg,u know what? his (rizqan) laugh was just like the 'Annoying Orange' samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa berabis apa nda pacah ketawaku sja tdi & they both (aziz&rizqan) keep on asking me where's their 'nasi katok' -.- nda abis2 psl nasi katok,KAPEH ku wah K-A-P-E-H

bah sambung,hahahhaa lps tu kmi gmbr2 then ambil video lps tu hujaaaan tiaa -.- kmi still keep on playing then beranti hujan,lps tu ujan lagi,lps tu beranti,lps tu hujan lagi,eh sangal ku -.- tapi siuk jua hujan tdi aa :D HEE~ kmi begambar arah hujan sambil melumpat mcm urg gila HAHAHA lps tu hujan lgi & this is the last rain,I mean hujan yg LABAT BERABIS aa :s first aku arah punduk di ujung dkt jmbn tu sma durg Irman,Anep,Piyah,Syasya (piyah's sister) behujan2 lah tu ke sana -.- then Irman tgur ya ckp 'lakimu nda jua suruh kau behujan' :p & bila jam kul 4 tu aku bejalan g dgn selambanya di dlm hujan labat atu arah punduk dkt jln raya tu,I mean aku aga arah Susan psl my dad kn ambil kali Irman & Anep marah akuuuu == psl aku behujan,abis basah baaaah x) HAHA yang penting hari ani SIUK berabis lah & NOW,aku udah balik then trus mandi,paning pulang jdinya nah behujan saja aa :s & I'll try to show you some pics of us soon :D

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@ 3:08 AM

Thursday, July 22, 2010 ♥

Today,Luckily I came early to school if I came late,then I'll be stand under the sun -.- HAHA,okaaay & today was the last day for our TP teacher,Miss Mei Ying Chiam who taught us english which means Mr Alan will continue his job teaching us agaain,SABAR SAJA! :/ here are some pics that've been taken this morning with Miss Chiam ;

BANAI tu zi ;p


tulis whiteboard aa,TULIS :p

kami geng 9NSS1 :)

WAJAH tul ;p

she looked pretty than me x

9NSS1 girls

Hani & Amal

5-2-5,haha apakan -.-'

senyuman manis Farra & Ayu

senyuman manis Qilly & Mardhiatul

Gangster kali aa,HAHA mcm urg gila aku d blkng atu ==

Miss Chiam & Hani



bnr2 ko bcrita Hani ;p



close your eyes mal hahaha

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@ 8:25 AM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 ♥

heyhey :D guess what? im BOOOORED ==' todaay i was LATE for school,i went to school at 7:15+ i think & arrived at almost 7:20,lucky huh? if i came AFTER 7.20 then i'll be call by the security HAA -.- as usual,we were asked to write our name on the permission slip & the punishment form

me & my classmate,Mardhiatul went to the toilet after we filled the forms cos we didn't want to enter the class early :D HOHO~ then at 7:45+ we entered the class :p

OMG,now i remember that tomorrow we're going to have a GEOGRAPHY TEST on COASTAL~ GOSH,how can i forget? DAMN IT maaaahhnn~ x okaay,gonna update again tomorrow


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@ 6:01 AM

Monday, July 19, 2010 ♥

I've been with you for eight months and I am very happy,Together we face the joy and sorrow over the course of our love story and I am proud that we are still together, I hope we will be together until the end of time, αмαℓσʌɛƨʏσʋ'ĦĦ :') ~ that's all i wanna say ♥

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@ 4:35 AM

Sunday, July 18, 2010 ♥

sweet kali aa

im thinking 'bout ya

True,True,True x)



HOHO! its aaaall about romance,baby ;)
Is it wrong if I upload this pics? No right~ Im not doing a crime & im already mature ;p

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@ 2:54 AM

Learn to spell my name & pronounce it clearly :)

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@ 1:28 AM

Name Amal Raqiah ♥ My friends call me Amal & Raqqy,HAHA Raqqy was a funny name :p for more info just look at my Biography. Hover over the 'Love Is All That I Need' to navigate. To exit , click the X on the top-right corner of your screen. Yes, that one in red :)

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